8 Jun

Flooding in Texas

With all the rain that we have received in Texas over the past few weeks, there has been some really devastating flooding on many of the major rivers in Texas. The flooding has been widespread from Dallas down to San Antonio and from West Texas across to Houston and the Gulf of Mexico. We had a tree emergency on some of our property just outside San Antonio was damaged due to flooding on one of the creeks that flows nearby. We had some very old Cypress trees on the property. I think my grandpa said several of them were over 100 years old and they were just knocked over like dominoes when the creek water rose and rushed through. Thankfully our guys with the tree service were on call for the emergency and got out to our place quickly to get the trees taken care of before they were washed downstream and caused any further damage.

Many of my favorite Arabian horse ranches are on or near some of these rivers and creeks. Thankfully the rain has subsided for the time being, but the rivers and creeks are still bursting and flowing with water that is still making its way south to the Gulf of Mexico. There was a story that caught my attention that happened during Mother’s Day. A dad and his sons rescued 31 horses in the Texas flood that were washed down the river by floodwaters near Eastland, Texas. I’ve putting the video here… It’s incredible!


Hopefully the flooding is going away for now. It became quite dangerous in Texas for a few weeks with all the rain. I think that many parts of the state are now officially a disaster area and the federal, state and local governments are mobilizing to help those with flood damage to their homes and businesses.

If you get a chance to give to some of the disaster relief, I know my fellow Texans would appreciate it.

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24 Apr

Why I Love Texas

I was born in Waco, Texas and have grown up in Texas all my life. I now live in the Hill Country outside of San Antonio and absolutely love it. If you have never visited the Texas Hill Country, you must! The wild flowers and blue bonnets (the Texas state flower) are blooming like crazy and with all the rain we have had lately, everything is majestic and green. We had a fairly mild winter, although it did freeze a few times causing some problems with my garden. With all the green now, it’s a great time to get out and ride horses. One of my favorite places to ride is the Double Diamond Ranch off Highway 46 just outside of Boerne. The stables there are fantastic and there is a lot of area to ride out in the Hill Country.

I’ve had a love of Arabian horses for several years. I saw one while I was out in Texas that was being transported to a show from the Weddle Training Stables in Austin, Texas. Since that time, I’ve been following Arabian horses. I hope to own several of these incredible horses one day. I’d like to own 150 acres in the Hill Country one day with my own stables to care for and ride my horses.

Living in the Texas Hill Country is also great because it is really easy to go to Austin or San Antonio for the day. One of my favorite things to do when my friends visit from another state is to take them on a wine tasting tour in the Texas Hill Country. We have done this five times now and every time my friends love it. I just had a request from a friend coming later this summer who wants to do the tour again. It really is very beautiful and Texas has some of the best wine vineyards.

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25 Jun

Horses Are My Mane Attraction

I always loved horses. Their majesty intrigued me. I longed for the day that I would own one of my own and maybe, run a horse ranch where I could ride all day to my heart’s content.  My fascination with horses started when I was quiet young. Of course I wasn’t alone. Millions of girls around the country have an equal fascination. What could be the reason? Why don’t girls idolize any other animal like hamsters as much?

My own obsession should be proof enough. Girls are often attracted to the look of a horse. Each breed has a different set of characteristics that makes it unique. However, there is one breed that truly stands out from the rest; the Arabian stallion.

Arabian-Horse-Trot-450x300The Arabian Stallion

The Arabian stallion is also one of the most recognized breeds in the world. You can’t miss that high carriage tail and distinctive shape of its head. The breed came from the Arab peninsula, hence the name. It also is one of the oldest horse breeds in existence. It has history. Archaeologists have evidence that the breed existed 4500 years ago as well.

What else attracts me to them? They have a proud look to them and a free long stride that cannot be matched by other breeds. Their look just demands attention. Their broad foreheads, large eyes, wedge shaped heads, small muzzles, large nostrils and refined gait makes them stand out. An arched neck is another feature that makes Arabians look unique from other types of breeds.

A History Of Arabian Stallions

To say that the Arabian stallion was a prized investment is an understatement. The Bedouin used to track the breed’s lineage diligently. Mares were highly prized and their pedigree is also tracked. In time, the Bedouin started to develop several strains of the breed

Modern breeds are no longer classified according to their Bedouin ancestors. But that doesn’t reduce their majesty in any way; at least not to me. Some of the more popular breeds include –

  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Crabbet
  • Egyptian
  • Russian

There is also a domestic category which is classified as breeds whose ancestors were brought to the United States before 1944. These also include ancestors from programs such as Maynesboro, Kellogg and Davenport.

It isn’t surprising why each breed’s value is hotly debated. The AHA (Arabian Horse Association) defines the breed’s origins, “The origin of the purebred Arabian horse was the Arabian Desert, and all Arabians ultimately trace their lineage to this source.”

Not Just a Pretty Face

Of course, there is more to the Arabian stallion than a pretty face. Early breeders admired the look of the Arabian horse so much that they bred it with other horses.  In fact, this is also why almost all horses have Arabian ancestors.

Arabian Horses Are Loyal

The Arabian’s signature coloring is white. However, the breed can also have a black, roan, gray, chestnut and bay coat. A roan Arabian stallion will have a black, bay or chestnut coat with a mix of white hairs. A chestnut stallion will have a beautiful copper coloring while a Bay Arabian is red brown. Like most horse breeds, Arabians may have markings on their legs and faces.

Arabian stallions were originally bred in desert climates. They were so prized by the families that owned them that they had to be brought indoors at night to prevent anyone from stealing them. However, it is their gentle nature, responsiveness and their love for their owners that truly sets Arabians apart from the rest of the breeds. This is also why the breed has shown great courage during wartime as well as strength and stamina in long races.

Their loyalty to their owners is legendary which is why girls are so attracted to them. Their sensitive natures and willingness to please means that they should be handled with the respect they deserve.  The Arabian’s ability as a quick learner makes them capable of communicating with their riders. This is also why the breed is prized for horse shows.

While most white stallions may appear to have white coats, they are not that color genetically. In fact, all Arabians that look white are actually grey.

The Arabian stallion definitely is a class apart from other horse breeds in Texas. One look was all it took for me to fall in love with the breed.

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14 May

Great Arabian Horse Ranches In Texas

There’s a reason Texas is bigger and better. There are many Arabian horse ranches here in Texas. I know, they don’t always call them ranches, but here in Texas, I just call them ranches. Some are officially called training centers and some other names. I’ve only been to a few of them, but the others are definitely on my list to visit. I have a few friends who also love the Arabians and some have even visited other “ranches” in other states and in different parts of the world.

herd-of-Arabian-horses-450x300One of my favorite Arabian breeders is the Kehilan Arabian ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. They have some of the best dressed Arabians that I’ve seen. They have a beautiful facility there on the Trinity River. And their website is really fantastic with lots of videos and music. They have senior, junior and reference stallions that you can see on their website as well. So many of the great horses in one place. It was really great to visit them when I was up at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo last year. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend that you contact them and schedule a visit to their place in Fort Worth. You really won’t regret taking the time to drive out and see their Arabians and their facility. It’s only about a 30 minute drive from downtown Fort Worth. Continue reading

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