24 Apr

Why I Love Texas

I was born in Waco, Texas and have grown up in Texas all my life. I now live in the Hill Country outside of San Antonio and absolutely love it. If you have never visited the Texas Hill Country, you must! The wild flowers and blue bonnets (the Texas state flower) are blooming like crazy and with all the rain we have had lately, everything is majestic and green. We had a fairly mild winter, although it did freeze a few times causing some problems with my garden. With all the green now, it’s a great time to get out and ride horses. One of my favorite places to ride is the Double Diamond Ranch off Highway 46 just outside of Boerne. The stables there are fantastic and there is a lot of area to ride out in the Hill Country.

I’ve had a love of Arabian horses for several years. I saw one while I was out in Texas that was being transported to a show from the Weddle Training Stables in Austin, Texas. Since that time, I’ve been following Arabian horses. I hope to own several of these incredible horses one day. I’d like to own 150 acres in the Hill Country one day with my own stables to care for and ride my horses.

Living in the Texas Hill Country is also great because it is really easy to go to Austin or San Antonio for the day. One of my favorite things to do when my friends visit from another state is to take them on a wine tasting tour in the Texas Hill Country. We have done this five times now and every time my friends love it. I just had a request from a friend coming later this summer who wants to do the tour again. It really is very beautiful and Texas has some of the best wine vineyards.

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14 May

Great Arabian Horse Ranches In Texas

There’s a reason Texas is bigger and better. There are many Arabian horse ranches here in Texas. I know, they don’t always call them ranches, but here in Texas, I just call them ranches. Some are officially called training centers and some other names. I’ve only been to a few of them, but the others are definitely on my list to visit. I have a few friends who also love the Arabians and some have even visited other “ranches” in other states and in different parts of the world.

herd-of-Arabian-horses-450x300One of my favorite Arabian breeders is the Kehilan Arabian ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. They have some of the best dressed Arabians that I’ve seen. They have a beautiful facility there on the Trinity River. And their website is really fantastic with lots of videos and music. They have senior, junior and reference stallions that you can see on their website as well. So many of the great horses in one place. It was really great to visit them when I was up at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo last year. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend that you contact them and schedule a visit to their place in Fort Worth. You really won’t regret taking the time to drive out and see their Arabians and their facility. It’s only about a 30 minute drive from downtown Fort Worth. Continue reading

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